MOLLIERAE is an artist of the physical.

MollieRae (they,she) is a nonbinary painter that has lived in Minneapolis for 10 years. They create art that pushes the puzzle pieces of the rural versus concrete lifestyles together. While stripping inspirations down to pure shape, color, and texture.

I graduated with a Fine Arts degree in 2017 yet have been pursuing painting since I was a child. Since pursuing a second degree in Library Science I have shifted focus to studies in dystopian scenes, technology revolution, science fiction, anarchy, anarcho-syndicalism and creative anti capitalism and anti fanaticism. I highly recommend reading works by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky!
​With an appreciation of the materials the broader the spectrum of medium the better. Recently I have focused on the use of cotton soaked in the acrylic paint then pasted to the canvas to create texture and dynamic.  Stencil printing onto canvases has symbolism in the use of repetition. 3-D structures soaked in acrylic on the canvas create unique relief sculpture. Sgraffito styles also give a personal touch to my works.

My first exhibition in Minneapolis was April 2015 through the artist collective called Err. Since then I have been a part of multiple exhibits and markets per year within the Minneapolis art scene. Career wise, I have been infiltrating my creative aspects into promoting the access of art to the community and working towards passions of information and tech equity.

​Living in Minneapolis for seven years has flooded me with an obsession for experiences as well as smothered me in questions about how the people around me participate with their own perceptions. Let’s get radical and do something different for each other. Down with fanatics!